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Tips For Exploring A New City

For me, few things are more exciting and intimidating than setting foot in a totally new city.  I love unlocking a city’s secrets and the feeling you get when you start to understand its routines, how it operates, and what … Continue reading

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15 Holidays / Family Celebrations With The One Must-Do Activity For Each

It’s so important to recognize holidays and other special occasions, but between gifts, decorations, food, family, and everyday life, things can get a little overwhelming.  Here is a list of holidays / celebrations along with 1 simple activity that is … Continue reading

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The Best Non-Edible Birthday Favors Your Child Can Bring To School

Children feel proud and excited when they get to share their birthday with their school friends.  Bringing birthday treats into school is nice a tradition that encourages students to share and think of others.  When I was a student, it was … Continue reading

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5 Star Hummus 5 Easy Ways

Hummus is a protein packed, delicious appetizer or sandwich spread.  It’s also surprisingly easy and versatile.  Just blend all the ingredients together in a food processor.  Play with the proportions to get the consistency to your liking.  Also, don’t be … Continue reading

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Best Kids’ Birthday Party Themes: 7 Great Ideas

Between theme units, school parties, and my 27 years of celebrations, I’ve learned the importance of a theme.  You want something that is fun and versatile but also easy and accessible.  When it comes to kids’ parties, themes can be tricky; … Continue reading

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Moving Overseas: What Not To Pack

Moving, Moving, Moving: It’s both stressful and exciting especially when you are moving overseas.  Here is a list of 5 things NOT to pack when you are moving overseas.  Hopefully, it helps to alleviate a little of that stress. General Toiletries:  Shampoo, … Continue reading

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Getting Textual: Decorating With Text

Font.  Text.  Words.  Writing.  Fabulous in all forms.  Incorporating writing and text into design is modern and easy.  Here are the best ways to do it. Home Decor Accessories: Transcribe and enlarge.  Take something you love like a envelope, ticket stub, or … Continue reading

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