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Decorating With Books: Wrapped In Twine

We all know books are a fabulous decorating tool, but what do you do with all those small little paper backs you’ve accumulated over the years?  My recommendation is to turn them into a show piece by combining them in … Continue reading

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Getting Textual: Decorating With Text

Font.  Text.  Words.  Writing.  Fabulous in all forms.  Incorporating writing and text into design is modern and easy.  Here are the best ways to do it. Home Decor Accessories: Transcribe and enlarge.  Take something you love like a envelope, ticket stub, or … Continue reading

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4 Chalkboard Projects You Should Avoid

Chalkboard paint is all the rage, and it is a great product.  However, having spent time in a classroom with a chalkboard, I can see that some of the suggested uses are better in theory than in reality.  Here are … Continue reading

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What’s Washi Tape Anyways?

You might have been seeing pins or products talking about something called “washi.” What is this mystery product?  Well, let’s break it down. Washi is a style of paper that originated in Japan.  It is usually made using natural fibers … Continue reading

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Double The Size Of Your Closet

I lived in Asia from 2010-2013, and closets don’t really exist there.  In most cases, you’ll find yourself with a wardrobe.  While living in my first apartment in Korea, I was lucky enough to have two wardrobes, but when I … Continue reading

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Frame Collages: Simply the Best!

Few design tricks can compete with the frame collage.  Have a huge empty wall you don’t know what to do with?  Empty stairwell screaming for personality?  Awkwardly sized wall between your bathroom and bedroom door?  My go-to is always a the … Continue reading

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How To Pick A Paint Color

Picking a paint color for your home can be intimidating.  Looking at thousands of tiny paint chips can leave you feeling weary and confused.  My strategy?  Let someone else do the work!  I’m a Pottery Barn lover.  From their sofas … Continue reading

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