Moving Overseas: What Not To Pack

Moving, Moving, Moving: It’s both stressful and exciting especially when you are moving overseas.  Here is a list of 5 things NOT to pack when you are moving overseas.  Hopefully, it helps to alleviate a little of that stress.

Moving Overseas- 6 Items To Leave Behind

General Toiletries:  Shampoo, mouthwash, soap, etc…  Unless there is a product you can absolutely not live without, bringing these isn’t worth it.  When flying to Asia from the US, you can check 2 – 50 pound bags; in the weight-usage-availability equation, toiletries score pretty low.

Kids Toys: These are readily available all over the world.  In addition, many are awkwardly shaped and thus take up a lot of space.  Kids favorite things aren’t usually toys anyways (think cardboard boxes, paper products, and peekabo) so pass on packing these.  Check out BuzzFeed’s list of 12 Things You Wish You Loved Half As Much As Babies Do.

Electrical Appliances: Size, availability, and voltage differences, cross these off the must bring list.  Many countries run on 220 volts instead of 110 like the USA and have different plug shapes.  I’d recommend leaving hair dryers, coffee makers, dvd players and the like at home.

Linens:  Yes, I’m a broken record, but again, these are bulky and easily purchased in your new home country.  It’s also important to note that unfortunately “standard measurements” vary by country.  A twin bed in the US might not be the same measurements as one in Korea, and standard window height might not be the same in Thailand and the UK so take this opportunity to flex your design muscle and indulge yourself in new linens.

Books:  Beautiful yet bulky.  Don’t get me wrong — I love books.  I’m an avid reader, book club member, and design-with-books enthusiast, but bringing books just doesn’t add up.  Instead invest in an e-reader.  It’s one of my travel essentials.

Food Stuffs:  A new country offers a new culinary adventure.  Dive headfirst into local restaurants and tastes.  Try to challenge yourself to cook using the available, local products.  Also, not having access to certain food products might help you break some questionable habits.  No access to Splenda?  Maybe, breaking that aspartame habit is a good thing.  Can’t find your beloved quinoa?  You’ll learn how to perfectly cook jasmine rice.

Disclaimer: This list is for moving not traveling.

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2 Responses to Moving Overseas: What Not To Pack

  1. Great tips! I’m moving to Costa Rica in a few months and the blow dryer and toiletries have been on my mind. I know I can get these things there so why would I bring them anyways??

  2. clairegerdsen says:

    Thanks, Kristin! Enjoy Costa Rica and let me know if your move exposes any additions I should make to the list 🙂

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