4 Chalkboard Projects You Should Avoid

Chalkboard paint is all the rage, and it is a great product.  However, having spent time in a classroom with a chalkboard, I can see that some of the suggested uses are better in theory than in reality.  Here are four projects to pass on.

4 Chalkboard Projects You Shouldn't Try

1.  Painting your refrigerator.  This seems like a good idea, but it isn’t.  I spent years teaching in rooms with chalkboards, and the problem is that when you brush against the board, you get chalk dust all over your clothes. The same will happen in your kitchen. Don’t do this to yourself.  Plus, where are you going to keep the chalk?

Chalkboard Fridge

2.  Plant labels.  Oh cute!  Yes, they are very cute, but they aren’t practical.  Water washes chalk off.  Plants need water to grow.  This is a no go, people, a no go.

Label Plants

3.  Chore Assignments.  One of the best things about chalk is that is is removable and erasable.  However, kids are smart and sneaky especially when it comes to getting out of things.  They will simply erase the assignments or check things off as done when they actually aren’t.

Assign Chores

4.  Precision Writing.  Chalk is usually a bit bulky.  Writing in small spaces with prevision is VERY difficult.  Avoid anything that encourages you to use small print or write on an uneven surface.

Precision Writing

What are some chalkboard projects you’ve tried that worked?  Let me know!

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