Occupy Kids With Two Items Or Less

As an ESL teacher, I’ve been challenged to create activities that occupy kids time and attention totally on the fly.  Here are some of my favorites that can work at school and at home.

Keep Kids Occupied With Two Items Or Less -- Genius!

Upload family photos and convert them into personalized coloring pages.  To avoid paying, take a screen shot and then copy and paste the resulting image into Microsoft Word.

Personalized Coloring

Give the child a pen and sticky notes.  Tell them to label as many things in a designated room as he or she can.  For older children, challenge them to include a corresponding adjective that starts with the same letter.  For example, younger children can write fridge; older children should write fabulous fridge.

Label The Room

Take inspiration from a traditional bridal shower game and let kids create toilet paper clothing. Using only toilet paper and tape, children will be encouraged to be creative and work together.

Toilet Paper Clothing

Yoga for kids — it’s awesome.  You’ll be surprised how much they love it, and after they do it, you may end up with a whole different child.  There are great dvds available for purchase, but if you’re short on time, simply pull one up on youtube.

Kids Yoga

Give them a list of 5-10 household items.  Encourage their fine motor skills by telling them to bring the items to you using only a rubber band or chopsticks.  No hands allowed.

Rubber Band Activity

What are some of your best occupy-kid ideas?

Occupy Kids

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