Getting Textual: Decorating With Text

Font.  Text.  Words.  Writing.  Fabulous in all forms.  Incorporating writing and text into design is modern and easy.  Here are the best ways to do it.


Home Decor Accessories: Transcribe and enlarge.  Take something you love like a envelope, ticket stub, or handwritten note, blow it up, and have it put onto a pillow or framed.  These make great gifts as well.

Letter Text

Hand Towels:  This one might be my favorite.  Take an old handwritten recipe and turn it into a kitchen towel.  What a great way to remember the recipe as well as the person who wrote it!

Recipe Hand Towels

Chalkboard or Feature Wall: This dramatic and inspired look can be created by using a text-decal or painting a wall with chalkboard paint and then writing on it. The simplicity and sophistication and pretty divine.

Text Wall

Whiteboard Panels:  These come in 24 colors and 2 different shapes and can be brought through Blick.  Mix and match to create functional and beautiful spaces.

The Not Whiteboard Panels

Tableware: Plates, mugs, and wine glasses – Oh my!  Two options here: 1.  Write on tableware with a permanent market and then bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. 2.  Paint tableware with chalkboard paint and then write on them with chalk.  You can write recipes, names, song lyrics, stories, special memories or funny phrases.

Write on Tableware

Shower Curtain: You can find a variety of text shower curtains pre-decorated with or create your own.  Check out cafepress, where you can insert your own text and select the font, size, and color of your text then print on a shower curtain, blanket, duvet, pillow, or beach towel.

Text Shower Curtain

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