The Female Backpacker Essentials

As a woman, I’ve found certain things to be essential during my backpacking journeys. The great news is none of them are expensive or bulky and all of them are travel-tested. Here are my top 5.

Travel Essentials

1. Travel Bra: Whether you’re going for a morning run or trying to keep your cash and passport safe on a train in India, this bra fits the bill.

Travel Bra

2. Sarong: Lightweight and unfussy by nature, the versatility of a sarong is its genius. Wear it as a skirt.  Use it as a quick-dry towel.  Cover your arms or legs at temples or sacred sites.  Carry a baby.  Black out or cover hostel windows for more privacy.  The list goes on.


3. Headlamp: The incredible gift of light; you’ll never appreciate it so much as when you don’t have it.  During your trip, you are going to have to tip-toe through dark spaces more than you’d imagine.  Whether it is because you desperately need the earplugs at the bottom of your bag due to snoring bunkmates or because the generator went out at your budget hotel in Nepal, you’ll start to l.-.o.-.v.-.e your headlamp.


4. E-Reader Light: The benefits of having an e-reader are well known.  You won’t be disappointed that you brought yours.  However, you might be disappointed if you don’t have a light for yours.  The reasons are much the same as the headlamp. Also, reading can be a great de-stressor and allow you some much needed mental alone time.

Kindle Light

5. Journal + Pen:  Plan to fill out a lot of forms during your travels thus the pen. Also, you’ll want to document your experiences: write down the tastes, smells, sounds, and feelings of a place.  Additionally, fellow travelers give great advice; they are your most current resource so pick their brains and write down what you find.  I love moleskin journals, but keep an eye out for locally produced journals.

Travel Journal

Thinking of bringing something on your trip and want feedback?  Drop me a line, and I’ll let you know my thoughts.

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