Double The Size Of Your Closet

I lived in Asia from 2010-2013, and closets don’t really exist there.  In most cases, you’ll find yourself with a wardrobe.  While living in my first apartment in Korea, I was lucky enough to have two wardrobes, but when I moved into my second apartment, I only had one.  That presented a conundrum especially because I hate folding clothes.

Same amount of clothes yet half the space.  Hmmm… apartment the day I moved in...

Soda can tabs proved to be the answer.  Simply, slide a soda can tab over the metal hook of your hanger.  Let it fall toward the neck of the hanger.  Now hook a second hanger though the hole in the soda tab.  Poof!  Extra space!

photo (11)_2

This can also be a great way to organize your outfits for the week.  Combine dress/skirt and pant/shirt combinations ahead of time to save precious minutes in the morning.

photo (9)

Check out more swoon-worthy closets and organizational ideas here.

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