How To Give The Perfect Gift

I like to think that I give pretty good gifts.  The secret is simple: look and listen.


If you know you’re going to be giving someone a gift in the near future, simply open your ears and wait for them to say, “I love ___________ or  I wish I had a ___________.”  If you’re lucky enough to be in the physical proximity of the person you’re buying a gift for, then just look.  What kind of makeup or skincare does the person use?  Check out his or her bathroom and buy that.  Is the person always eating fresh fruit and vegetables?  Buy a Whole Foods gift card.

There are some great online options as well.  Two of my favorite websites are uncommon goods and etsy.  If your brother-in-law loves math and wine, check out this bottle opener.  Does your girlfriend always want popcorn when you watch a movie?  How about this gourmet popcorn and seasoning kit?  Does your neighbor fancy himself a bit of a brewmaster?  Buy this beer making kit.  Think of two characteristics about the person and try to fit a gift around those.


If you’re still worried about getting it right, Pinterest is the answer.  Look at what the person pinned and buy it.  My sister is a fashion designer; she’s always ahead of the curve, and thus, very difficult to buy for.  Whenever I need to get her something, I tend to just click through what she’s pinned, find one that is of reasonable cost, and order it.  Easy as that!

Pinterest Perfect Gift

Once you receive the gift, try some eco-friendly cloth gift wrapping like furoshiki. Check out my post on how to do it.

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