Don’t Buy Chicken Broth

Why not?  Because, it is a waste of money and space!

While living in Thailand, my kitchen didn’t have a stove or microwave so I spent a lot of time exploring recipes that required no more than 2 gas burners.  Thailand has an incredible variety of fresh produce so I often made soups. Almost all soup recipes call for chicken or vegetable broth so during my soup-making love affair, I learned that broth is a waste.  Bouillon is the jam!


What is bouillon?  It’s a concentrated stock made from meat or vegetables that gives food a rich flavor.   Simply combine 1 teaspoon of bouillon with 8 oz. of hot water and POOF — broth!

So let’s get back to the argument…

Bouillon vs Broth

A 32 oz. box of broth costs between $2 and $3 dollars and provides 4-8 oz. servings at a cost of 63 cents per serving.

A jar of my preferred bouillon costs between $4 and $6 and provides 38 servings at a cost of 13 cents per serving.  Additionally, a jar of bouillon is quite a space-saver; a jar is about 1/6 the size of a box of chicken broth.

Annnnnd!  Bouillon wins!

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