How To Pick A Paint Color

Picking a paint color for your home can be intimidating.  Looking at thousands of tiny paint chips can leave you feeling weary and confused.  My strategy?  Let someone else do the work!  I’m a Pottery Barn lover.  From their sofas to their shams, I always doing minis “gasps” when I look at their catalogue or walk through the store.

Pottery Barn partnered with Sherwin-Williams and offers a carefully selected grouping of paint colors that change each season.  These colors work on their own and create a lovely palette when put together.

PB Paint Chips

Each season, they choose a palette of colors that they feature in their stores and catalogue.  Love the blue walls of that living room in their catalogue?  Is the grey from their kitchen the perfect shade for yours? You can get it!  In the store, you can pick up mini samples that you can take with as well as check out larger swatches that they keep.  They also offer design help!

1 more tip I learned along the way… Hold onto your extra paint (at least for awhile).  You never know when you may need to touch up a wall and rematching paint can be difficult.  When storing paint, try avoid air exposure; make sure the lid is on tight and wrap the can in plastic.  If properly sealed you can keep paint for about two years.  However, if it looks lumpy or stringy, you might want to toss it.

photo (1)

Real Simple recommends keeping a few ounces of paint in a baby food jar for those inevitable nail holes and touch ups.

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